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12/28/15 @ 12:00 mn - Divine Revelation From The Throne - Delivered by Devorah To The Nations [Copyright 2015 by Deborah Freeland] [All Rights Reserved]


Telleth my people the plan of the enemy is to eradicate the earths population through sickness and disease.  For man seeketh only an attack from the adversary through brut force and aggression to take the focus off of the major plan of attack through sickness and airborne disease.

Waves are moving, very subtle, come unto me.  Another debilitating shift will take place very soon, Koh Amar YHVH (saith the Lord).  Transformations will occur in waves until complete bondage has occurred.  The plan of the enemy.  Stay in my presence.  Stay in my word.  WAVES...ARE... COMING!

 Seek me in (D'varim) Deuteronomy 28:22, Tehillim (Psalms) 106:10 -13, Tehillim (Psalms) 94: 12, 13, 14 and Mishlei (Proverbs) 8.

People of God, heed the word of the Lord.  There is a major transformation taking place spiritually.  There are subtle waves of bondage coming forth.  And it is so subtle that it appears not to be occuring.  But Abba (Our Father), is so loving that he is giving us warning that the plan of the enemy is in progress.  It is in operation.  the spirit of deception brings the blindness.

If you are experiencing unusual fatigue, problems with your legs or unusual aches and pains within your body.  Know that the enemy is near.  Do not succomb.  Push past what you are feeling physically.  A healthy diet is the key.  Cultural diets that are not healthy will serve as a health hazard for you in this season.  We must know and be able to shift to be in agreement with the timing and season of God.

He prepares us before any adversity.  Get plenty of rest through relaxation, and adequate sleeping patterns.  This is not a season to be in overdrive and burnout.  A trick of the enemy to serve as a catalyst for sickness and disese.  Those of you who indulge in vices - time to give it up and change your lifestyle.  For in this moedim (season) you will reap what you sow.  If you are doing things and indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle, then you become a prime candidate for demonic influence to come against you.

If you heed the Fathers warnings then Abba is obligated through your obedience to keep a hedge of protection around you.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  Do not compromise or be double-minded.   Either you hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying or you will suffer the consequences.  There is no mid point.  This is not a doom and gloom message.  It is a warning of preparation for what lies ahead.  Joseph had a dream for 7 years of plenty to prepare for 7 years of famine and through Gods warning he was able to prosper and help others when the famine came.

The pendulum is swinging.  For those who hear the voice of the Lord and obey, the results will be like the children of Israel in the land of Goshen, when the plagues came upon Pharoah.  Re-read Shemot (Exodus) chapters 1 - 11 and know that victory will be your portion.

This is a season to move in the righteousness of the Father by "doing the right thing" in every circumstance.  Some people may have to reassess their values and where they place their priorities.  Abba (our Father) is speaking and He is moving .  Know that delayed obedience is dis-obedience in disguise.  A trick of the enemy to reap havoc and destruction over your life.

Some people may have to separate and come out of comfort zones with what is familiar to us.  Remember this is a season of moving in a direction according to, "The Fathers" standards, not our own.  When in doubt, fast and pray.  Read the word and know that the shift that needs to take place is from a Hebraic perspective.

For those of you who choose not to embrace deeper wisdom and knowledge of the Father will not see the same results of those who do.

Abba, (our Father, has to feed his children from another level of understanding.  There is more wisdom, knowledge and council to be obtained from the Father.  This is a season of love (chessed), unity (echad) and family (mispatim) and relationships.  We must pray for one another despite our differences in culture, ethnicity , geographic locations, sexual preferences, educational backgrounds, socio-economic status, etc.

Read Tehillim (Psalms) 139 with emphasis on vs 23.  This is a season for searching your heart.  Allow the Father to process you.  He will place within your spirit a sense of peace.  "Thy Kingdom Cone, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In heaven."  See the neon signs of heaven and align yourself properly.  No, this is not the end of the world, but there is a heavenly transformation taking place.

If you "choose" not to seek the heart of the Father regarding the transformation, the hedge of protection will not be the same, for you will have allowed " a breach instead of a " breakthrough."  But, the choice is yours.  Abba is waiting for you with open arms.  His sheep will hear His Voice.  He is a loving Father and always gives us adequate time to shield ourselves from the onslaught of any adversity.  Think of this message as the umbrella that will shield you from the rain.  Prayer and fasting is key.

Blessings and Love, Devorah

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


7/14/15 @ 7:00 am - Divine Revelation From The Throne - Delivered by Devorah To The Nations - [Copyright 2015 by Deborah Freeland] [All Rights Reserved]

From The Desk Of Devorah
Office of Apostle / Prophet

Devorah, telleth my people, move not by emotion in this moedim (season).  Time is short for my people.  A major transaction to be taken pplace.  Many of my people wilt be taken off guard and consummed for lack of knowledge and disobedience unto the Father.  And yea, I am re-arranging many peoples lives overnight.  A necessary feat and divine order to prevent the onslaught from the enemy.  But nay, many knowest not the heart of the Father for they hath fallen away in devotion,  Why??? Koh Amar YHVH


Received 6/24/15 @ 12:00 mn - Divine Revelation From The Throne - Delivered by Devorah To The Nations  [Copyright 2015 by Deborah Freeland] [All Rights Reserved] .  But Posted on this blog 8/5/15 @ 12:00 noon

From The Desk Of Devorah
Office of Apostle / Prophet

Year:  Tammuz - Av 5775

Parashat: Weekly TORAH Reading

Torah : (First 5 Books of Moses)
    Devarim (Deuteronomy) 7: 12 - 11: 25

Haftorah: (Prophetic Portion)
    Yesha Yahu (49: 14 - 51 : 3)

Brit Hadassah:  (New Covenant / New Testament)
     Mattiyahu (Matthew) 4: 1 - 11
     Luke 4: 1-13
     Ya'akov (James) 5: 7-11

This is not a moedim (season) to flounder aimlessly my children, Koh Amar YHVH  for many hearest not my voice.  Those who wilt not receive my Torah shall embark upon another path.

 A time of discernment and then confirm unto the Father.  For yea, I separate the chaff from the wheat.  A necessary feat in this moedim.

 More irratical behavior to come forth from the government.  The breakdown is near.  Just continue to pray.  It keeps things in balance as I have planned.

Followeth my commands for ye knowest not how I wilt move.  I may change a thing overnight for yea, the opposition cometh through principalities.  And yea, why my people must cometh higher in frequency to heareth my voice.

There wilt be governmental breakdown very soon, overnight.  Warn my people.  No global solution.

 Each must seek me in prayer for yea, the solutions to problems cometh individualistically.  But yea, knowest the Father is available to giveth my people instructions.  Not one wilt be the same.  Explain the process as I have taught unto thee, Devorah.  There is not one individual solution.  Stress this point!  Each one must come to seek their own instruction for themselves and their families.  But yea, portals are open, channel of therein, Koh Amar YHVH.

Guard over thy children.  I giveth warnings.  Shield through prayer.  Ye shall begin to see extreme bizarre behavior.  Listen to the news for yea, it hath begun.  Shield through prayer.  I am listening, Koh Amar YHVH.

Transitions cometh upon many jobs.  Companies wilt be closing unexpectedly overnight which is why ye wilt needeth instruction from the Father how to survive.  DO NOT PANIC.  EMPHASIZE, Devorah, TAP IN for yea, I am thy solution, not man.  A supernatural feat only accomlished through the Father.  Not a season for spending for I hath given several warnings.  Be frugal in all financial matters for ye canst not rely upon thy savings.  A radical change to occureth within the economical banking system.  Ye MUST relieth upon the Father for survival.  But Yea, I am near to come to thy aid.  Do not ask me how.  The key factor is trust.
Become not disgruntle.  For yea, it wilt hinder the process.

Pray quickly for thine own personal matters.  Then trust me to move in thy behalf my children, Koh Amar YHVH.

Keep thy mouths shut.  I cannot come to help thee if ye art grumbling and complaining.  Watch thy speech patterns.  Negativity wilt diminish my voice and ye wilt thinketh that I am not near.  Speak the opposite of whatever ye seeth.  Help thy fellowman  for I am bringing things and people together as one,  (ECHAD)
Knowest thou this, a heartfelt matter from unto the Father.

 Pray for the elderly for many wilt not knowest what to do.

 Seek me in Yechezk'el 33: 1-20,  Tehillim (Psalms) 106: 40 - 48, Mislei (Proverbs) 8 and Tehilim 91 with emphasis on vs 5-8, Koh Amar YHVH.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


4/4/15 - Divine Revelation From The Throne - Delivered by D'vorah To The Nations - [Copyright 2015 by Deborah Freeland] [All Rights Reserved]

From The Desk Of D'vorah
Office Of Apostle / Prophet

YEAR: Nissan -  Iyar 5775

PARASHAH (Weekly TORAH Reading)
Pesach 2015 (Passover)

TORAH (First 5 Books of Moses)  
 Shemot (Exodus) 12: 21-51
 Badmidbar (Numbers) 28:16-25

HAFTORAH (Prophets): 
Y'hoshua (Joshua) 3: 5-7, 5: 2 - 6: 1 and  6: 27
Yesha Yahu (Isaiah)  52:13 - 53:12

BRIT HADASSAH (New Covenant)
Mattiyahu (Matthew) 26 - 28
Mark 14 - 16
Luke 22 - 24
Yochanon (John) 13 - 21


D'vorah, I am here with thee.  Write everything down, least ye forget.  There hath been a shift - changing of the guards in the spirit rhelm.

Demonic forces shall prevail upon the earthly rhelm.  The demonic force wilt be great for those who knowest not the Father, Koh Amar YHVH.  The nations art to become a place of turmoil and transition.  The enemy hath free will to rein for a season.  Stay in prayer.  Headlines to become busy with one tragedy after another all around the world.  Things shalt move along rather quickly so keep up the pace my children, Koh Amar YHVH.

Many nations to come under corruption for, "The Enemy" hath released thousands of demonic forces.  The plan of the enemy cometh forth.  America wilt feel the wrath, Koh Amar YHVH.  Many, slayings in the spirit to occur in the natural.

Stay in prayer even if not heart felt.  Push past resistence.  A trick of the enemy for ye to falter.  Just say PUSH and moveth forward.  Conflicts to occur among Southern States in the U.S.  Watch the news.  A war wilt soon break out unawares.  No rationale.  Tempers art flying uncontrollably.

 No arguments. Stay Calm  A spirit that ignites fires. Flames. Things easily  taken out of proportion.  Warn my people.  Koh Amar YHVH.  Stay Calm! No flesh in dealing with matters. Use caution, Wisdom Speaks.  Tempers to rise up uncontrollably even in governmental matters during negotiations behind closed doors.

 Exposures of many things to shock the world.  Many of those in hierchy status will be exposed as being a fake.  Documents have been obtained illegally in governmental matters and to show business qualifications.  A ring of people involved.  Exposure to cometh forth, Koh Amar YHVH.

Children to sway from under the leadership of their parents.  The enemy speaketh unto their minds.  Many to join radical groups unawares.  A spirit of deceit for entrapment.  The children wilt not know until they art consumed as unto the Boston Bomber.

Watch friendships among children that art forming.  Check behind them.  Take not what the children say at face value.  Underlying Satanic forces hath been set in operation.

Short comings of people are red flags.  They art not qualified.  Hidden agenda.  Deceit hath allowed them to " Slip In. "

Beware my children, Koh Amar YHVH. I wilt giveth thee revelation each week as updates.  Stay in prayer.

Friday, March 13, 2015




                                            Bruchim ha Baim - Blessed Are Those Who Come

Monday, January 12, 2015


12/30/14@3:00 am - Divine Revelation From The Throne - Delivered by D'vorah To The Nations. [Copyright 2015 by Deborah Freeland] [All Rights Reserved]

From The Desk Of D'vorah
Office Of Apostle / Prophet

YEAR: Tevet - Shevat 5775 / 2015
PARASHAH 14: Va'era (I Appeared)
SH'MOT (Exodus) 6:2 - 9:35

Vision / Dream 

Scene 1

Vision - About the Ark of Safety, in front of me.  There were all these HUGE ANIMALS COMING OUT OF A FOREST AND GOING INSIDE THIS ARK, OF ALL SPECIES WERE GOING IN.  But I was thinking, "Who Sounded The Alarm???  They were coming in droves to get in.  The ark was on my right.  One animal was lying on the ground as if it were dead or injured, on the other side of the fence to my left. The animal was black.  There was a woman, talking about, " how she had tried to stop it!"


Scene 2

Also another dream, shifted but where did the Ark go???

There was still forest outside and I was telling a person coming in the door about all the animals and then another person came in but I did not see this person but I heard a voice in the vision....

The entire dream turned into enemy territory.  He gave me  flags and told us to change into the enemy  gear.  Everything around me reflected the enemy. The vision became black.  But, I had looked outside.  It was like brown forest land.

All of a sudden, WE, were in a war zone.  The sky was completely black now.  Something was pending.  Impending doom.

Scene 3

There was a vision of an intersection.  (But serves as a Crossroads in the Spirit).

On one side of the intersection, the top portion - Cars were coming down this part of the intersection and BIG BLACK ARROWS displaying a u-turn were pointing for these cars to go back up.

At the bottom of the intersection, the lower portion - Cars were coming up this part of the intersection and BIG BLACK ARROWS displaying a u-turn were pointing for these cars to go back down.

No cars could go into the middle of the intersection.  This area was off limits.  There was a military zone all around the entire vision of the intersection.

Prophetic Revelation began - A danger zone!  A deception occureth.  Telleth my people to use caution in spending money and pray in all matters and business affairs, Koh Amar YHVH (saith the Lord).



Vision / Dream - Very, Very Bright
Part # 1

Had a dream that I was with someone, I believe a male.  We were in a field.  There was bright green grass all around on both sides.

To the left outside of the green grass was water.  To the right was land.  Almost like a park environment. We were walking along when I went up a hill or an incline.  And this part of the vision was very, very bright, as if I was in the midst

There were these HUGE big venemous, python snakes ALL AROUND ME.  As if I were in their haven or had gone into their cave......

Prophetic Revelation began - ....Because they have been releashed into the earthly rhelm to squeeze the people bone dry, koh amar YHVH.  BEWARE!!!  Pray over thy finances and business affairs.  A detriment unto the earthly rhelm.  The Father warneth thee.

Telleth my people to useth caution in all matters.  See only through spiritual eyes, not through the natural.  For there is black. No vision through the natural eye for all gates hath been closed unto the spirit.  A decline in the economy taketh place.  Push hard unto the Father for ye shalt feeleth resistance to obeyeth my commands.  I am near, yet I am far.  And yea, churches wilt be closing.  I hath warneth thee.  The Father asketh, hath ye heeded my beconning call??? Only those who prepareth properly wilt knowest what to do because each one was given their instructions for discernment of impressions to heedeth my beconing call.

Not one formula was given for unto the masses.  I calleth ye as individuals to come to me.  I heareth thy cries, my people.  But for some instances, there wilt be nothing the Father canst do without thine own personalized instruction how to communicate with me.

And nay, asketh not man, or thy brotheryn for man knowest not.  For yea, these were the hidden treasures the Father giveth unto my children.  My sheep heareth my voice and respondeth to my beconning call.  Goats rebel and remain stagnant.  For attacks from the enemy cometh @ this hour.  Shieldeth through prayer.  Some of my prophets hath deaf ears and heareth not from the Father.  Beware my children, a season of deception occureth.  Only those who knoweth me shall prevail without tsurus (trouble).  Ye must know the heart and direction of the Father.  Snakes hath been released.  Not Only One.  All ye canst do is shield and pray.  There is a spiritual battle going on to be felt in the natural.  Gates hath been closed.  The Father hath spoken.  Seek me in Tehillim (psalms) 95, 1 John 4 and 5.


Part # 2


Prophetic Revelation began - Shrewed, cuning, demonic forces hath been released.  They cometh a new way to deceiveth the people as sheep in the pasture.  Hence, green grass.  But yea, DENS of demonic strongholds hath been set into place.  Man knoweth not for this cannot be seen through carnal eyes.  A spiritual plot the enemy hath planned.  Stay in the scriptures.  Even if not heart felt.  The word moveth through darkness. Ye wilt feeleth an uphill battle but ye wilt overcome.  PUSH! Push unto resistence.  A trick of the enemy.

The door hath closed in the spirit rhelm.  No more delays.  Ye shalt seeth devastations across the lands regarding the closing of churches near and far.  They rejected my plan.

12/14/14@ 5:00am

Vision / Dream

The sky was completely black, but it was in the heavenlies.  BUT, there were (illuminaries).  I was sitting with a few people.  I believe (3) people and we were taking turns going up into the heavenlies and floating spinning around.  It was fun, but, there was darkness.  It was my turn to go back up in heaven.  But before I went, someone grabbed my arm....a woman and called me to the side.  There is a 911.  The gates were closed over the church age.......... Prophetic Revelation began - ..........It has happened, koh amar, YHVH.  Beware, shield in the spirit.



D'vorah, telleth my people:

Whence ye heareth not my voice, useth thy armor.  Principalities art coming against thee, my children, koh amar YHVH, A new place, not like before. More subtle, higher ranking and shrewd.  V-e-r-y cunning.  Seeth through my eyes, for in this place ye cannot see.  This is what my people art missing, they art blindsided.  I revealeth new ways of demonic attack.  Not as unto the old.  Compromise not with forces that cometh against thee.  Receive the fullness from the Father thereof.  Not a place of complacency or compromise.  I Beseech Thee Not It Is I, Koh Amar YHVH.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


10/31/14 @ 3:00 am - Divine Revelation From The Throne - Delivered by D'vorah To The Nations [Copyright 2014 by Deborah Freeland] [All Rights Reserved]

Come my children, Koh Amar YHVH as I prepareth thee for, " The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb."  And yea, I prepareth my bride for which she hath yielded unto my command.  Be ye not slorhful for yea, timing is essential.  I cometh a new way, embrace me thereof.

Take time unto thyselves, my children and yea, take time unto me for I hath much to reveal as ye cast away all that besets thee from entering unto my presence.  A time of sacrifice and yea a time of need for ye to receiveth all things the Father hath for thee.  Be ye not dismayed for I bringeth unto my children of obedience, Joy!  A season of abundance, and yea more than enough, surplus.  Doubt not my voice.

But, there art procedures ye must follow to enter of therein.  Ye cannot come to meet unto the Father by way of complacency for the Father seeketh from unto thee, thy whole heart.  Changeth thy ways, Koh Amar YHVH.

Seek me in prayer for yea, many hath gone astray.  Not pleasing unto the Father.  Ye must push too meet me a little harder then ye hath done in the past.  I cometh a new way.  Seek me not as unto the past.  For ye wilt not findeth the Father unto that place.

I have a lot to share but unfortunetly not all of my children wilt share unto the blessings bestowed from the Father.  And yea, this grieveth my heart.

 I am cleansing the earth of much unwanted impurity.  Ye shalt see change near and far.  Many knowest not for the change shalt come radically overnight.  Prepare ye the way properly by coming unto the Father.  Else ye wilt not seeth the changes that art coming until ye art consumed in the mist thereof.  What a pity whence I hath spent so much time beconning ye to, "Come To Me."

Doubt not my voice, for yea, this is the Father.  I sendeth many vessels to harken unto thee but many listeneth not.  Come, my children, come.  Time is short.  The Father hath spoken.  Seek me in proverbs 8. and 2 Corinthians 6: 14 - 7:1.  Come out from among them, Koh Amar YHVH.